How Could Something So Good Go So Wrong

A terrible thing has happened down here on Earth. We’ve become the long promised “Global Village.” Meaning now the Internet and its billions of handheld screens have made it possible for everyone to know everything about everybody at anytime and anywhere.

The Law Of Unintended Consequences has left us not so much informed as paralyzed by so much information. Historically humans had the distinct advantage of some blissful ignorance. We didn’t know the husband next door beat his wife…the mayor’s office was graft ridden…there were survivalists in the woods… never-heard-of diseases lurking…. atrocities taking place by the thousands in villages we never heard of…a storm in the distant Pacific perhaps headed this way in the next 72 hours…our favorite celebrity once attended high with swastika tattoos..

In the election of 2016 we yearn for a leader who can unite us in a common cause. And yet, our screens barrage us with every imaginable disuniting sensation about our leaders and fellow citizens. We are paralyzed by this miasma of facts & stats that seem to tell us we have nothing in common except our violent differences. Political, economic, racial, religious and now even gender.

The Founding Fathers knew very well how the fabric of America had been sewn together with vastly different swatches of humanity. That’s nothing new. What is new is how in today’s electronic Global Village, we keep realizing this day after pounding day.

The great common causes in history have always begun by a show of hands and hearts that bond and
There comes a time when speaking out about why you’re YOU is less important than cheering about why you and I are US!

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