Are We Really Facing Our Final Fourth Of July...?

Are We Really Facing Our Final Fourth Of July...?

What do we do when caught in a summer thunderstorm…? We look for cover. Usually that means someplace safe away from any extremely exposed positions. But right now we’ere living with a great irony as we approach our 239th national birthday.

Everyone’s talking about rushing out to the extremes.
We have extremist candidates pushing both the Left and Right agendas off the edges….we have extremist entertainment featuring everything from “extreme sports” to “extreme make-overs” to extreme monster themes…. we even have more armed anti-government undergrounds than we have armed terrorists.

This is not exactly new in our history, which is why various leaders have over the years echoed a “Come Home America” call. A populist reminder that in a country like ours with so many pluralities, hanging on to home, to the solid center of things, is the place to be. Is the place millions of refugees around the world are seeking right now. Is the place where thousands of college graduates on the brink of their new lives seem to be returning.

Nothing’s wrong with coming-home. With finding the cohesion of the center. With re-thinking the heat of the many Firebrands in the land, and instead re-looking for the light of our many common traditions. Like the motto has it: “E Pluribus Unum,” one out of many. Benjamin Franklin said it so well at our first national birthday: “We must indeed all hang together or most assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Today’s Firebrands — political, financial and military alike — can’t seem to hear those words. They are each standing too far out on the extremes. No place to be when you’re planning on at least one more great birthday bash…

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