A Blatant Case Of Unreported Rape & Pillage

OK, first lets get the First Amendment out of the way. Of course I agree with the right to free speech. However, in every sane society, every right has a corresponding obligation. That is, to exercise any right within the laws of the state and especially of good reason.

Right now the First Amendment has been raped and pillaged by every sanctimonious savant in the media, in the government, and right down my own street. Somehow it has become not only fashionable but furiously necessary to dredge up every possible personal secret from every public life that is technologically and tantalizingly accessible. With neither proven evidence, nor with any immediate relevance to the public welfare now 10 and 20 years later.

The litany of violated public figures is long and growing. [One can’t help but think of the Inquisition’s and Robespierre’s of lurid history] My plea is not to judge anyone guilty or innocent — the Gotcha’s have done that already — but to ask: When is enough enough…? For instance in the case of Dennis Hestert, Brian Williams, Bill Cosby, Michelle Obama, and now Senator KIrk; all the way down to the celebrity ranks of a Lindsay Lohan and Kanye West? There are better ways than burning their public effigies!

It’s long past the time when the Gotcha’s out there can intone their good intentions for the morals and the majesty of this noble republic. Instead, it has become the time when even innocent children on their Innocent playgrounds swap uneducated jokes about these disgraced public figures. If you want the names of the Chicagoland playgrounds, I can provide same….

….but better than that, I can ask the fine Tribune news staff to help turn back this sleazy tide!

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