Is There Really A Dan Brown Conspiracy? When You Put It That Way, I Think So

OK, the world is bristling with conspiracies…from terrorists in the Middle East to bikers in Texas to the Islamic West Wing…. actually the word is overworked…but if you MUST have conspiracy in your life, what about the endless stream of History Channel “exposes” of the Bible?….seems like
some people are obsessed with the so-called “secrets,” “lies,” “mis-information” they find in the Old & New Testaments…and darned if they don’t make a good case sometimes….about suppressing the role of women, showing how archaeology disproves Biblical stories, raising tough questions about past misconduct especially by the Vatican.

Now personally I’m not a conspiracy fan, but if you wanted to find one, maybe you can concoct a sequel to Dan Brown about this secret enclave of anti-religion TV writers working out of a hidden room at HBO headquarters

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