Ho Dare We Insist On What Science Is Planning For Us??

Something forever beckons us on….it is the next tomorrow…what will it bring…? what will we bring to it….? here in the 21st C there are at least two epic forces in play….one is Technology & the other Ideology…the first reigns in the West while the other in Middle East….it’s easy for us to see what Ideology run amuck can do to us…not so easy the subtler influences of great new Technologies….if you were to ask what is Technology most promising for tomorrow, some would say (1) living longer (2) living smarter….as we assemble the tools for this twin mission,may we first ask the Why question….why would it be better to live the projected 150 years in such a flawed planet?…. why would it be better if our brains could be hooked up to knowledge systems which promise more data than our morality can process?…I don’t know who is to answer, but still I think we should ask

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