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Now Don't Get Mad, But When Is The Last Time You Hugged An Atheist?

I ask that because today there are so many more in America, and yet it appears their search is still incomplete….they know what they reject [and may indeed be correct]…however, they have yet to agree on what they believe… Atheists like Sam Harris & Richard Dawkins allude to “secular humanism” by which they mean honoring... Read more »

The Commencement Speech You Will Never Hear...Because I Have Yet To Be Asked

Thousands of college students just heard hundreds of commencement addresses by speakers famous and wise; and occasionally even both. What is there to say that hasn’t already been said century after century? If I were somehow to be given the privilege, I have had my address written for years. Simple, because it would take less... Read more »

Ho Dare We Insist On What Science Is Planning For Us??

Something forever beckons us on….it is the next tomorrow…what will it bring…? what will we bring to it….? here in the 21st C there are at least two epic forces in play….one is Technology & the other Ideology…the first reigns in the West while the other in Middle East….it’s easy for us to see what... Read more »

The Fraud Of Living By Higher Things

FRAUD!….here in the time of Memorial & Independence Days, there is something sadly fraudulent about this parade….why?… because when you scrape off the patriotic trimmings, the bare truth is that men and women fight not for God and Flag….rather for mutual survival…be it as a Band of Brothers on Normandy or an ISIS brigade in... Read more »

My Counter-Culture Declaration Of Freedom From Yet Another Luscious Chicago Summer

With the unofficial arrival of Summer 2015, this old Chicagoan can’t help but feel the same two-pronged tingling inside. The little thrill that believes the poet: “Summer is what life ought to be” at the same time the even larger twinge that rewinds the mind to those haunting Charles Atlas ads: “Don’t be that 98-pound... Read more »

Is There Really A Dan Brown Conspiracy? When You Put It That Way, I Think So

OK, the world is bristling with conspiracies…from terrorists in the Middle East to bikers in Texas to the Islamic West Wing…. actually the word is overworked…but if you MUST have conspiracy in your life, what about the endless stream of History Channel “exposes” of the Bible?….seems like some people are obsessed with the so-called “secrets,”... Read more »

There Is A Behemoth On Our Lake Shores Ever Shedding

MEMORIES — they exist in a time and place unique to themselves. We all have a Memory, but none has exactly the same memories….for these small shards of time glisten only for those who have and hold them to their soul. When you think about it, this Memorial Day in America is not the only... Read more »

Arghhh! I Hear A Posse Closing In....

As a state pensioner I read this week’s fiscal headlines with a long awaited sense of panic. Not simply because the budgetary bridge on which I walk is shaking, but because it is shaking beneath all of us. And yet my own pension planners have decided they will defend our constitutional BRICKS regardless of what... Read more »

Your Immortality Is Now Waiting In A Billionaire's Checkbook

One of humanity’s dreams has been immortality here on earth….when governments fund scientific research there are controls….but currently two/thirds of scientific research is private-funded with no controls…the record shows several Silicon billionaires [from Google, PayPal, etc] have invested heavily in research to push life’s limits to at least 150,,,ideas such as bio-engineering body parts and... Read more »

It's Linus' Blue Blanket Or Louie's Golden Horn

Linus walks his world clutching his little blue blanket. Although Lucy is a hard fisted feminist-before-her-time, her little brother Linus is more like Charlie Brown. Just plain scared at what the next turned-corner might bring. Louie Armstrong, on the other and happier hand, sings the classic WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD with a throaty juiciness that... Read more »