What's This! The NY Times Wants To Rape "The Sound Of Music"

And now the New York Times prints an op-ed that demands we “Rape The Sound Of Music”…well, they put it more delicately saying, “After 50 Years It’s Time For A Better Sound Of Music” [3/30/15]…when you read it you quickly see how they define “better”….unlike other classics from Shakespeare to Arthur Miller, they insist we ravage the fundamental goodness of the lead roles in the absurd belief modern audiences want “more reality” … we should “darken” these roles with all of the repressed neuroses seething inside a wild girl the convent threw out, and a martinet father who doesn’t know how to love his children…well now! are there no good people left in this imperfect world? are not audiences still eager
to behold the best side of our flawed humanity? must we turn Rogers & Hammerstein into Hitler & Himmler in order to “fix” the gushy sentimentality of a vintage classic? and most of all, why the hell should we!

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