The Anti Christ? Wait A Minute I Think I See Him

Apocalyptic writers have warned for centuries of the so-called Anti Christ
….they are always seeing him just over the next horizon… just maybe the horizons are more ripe than ever…why? because the Old Orders appear to be collapsing, making way for a new Universal Idea…the West has witnessed this at other times of collapse [the Pharaohs of Egypt, the rule of Rome, the French monarchy, the British empire]…however, the voices of rebellion were always local, never global …but now the 21st C has created the cyber platforms on which voices can reach the planet…while the voices of Western Christianity and Democracy have peaked, those from the non-Western world [Islam, China, Russia] find followers by saying the West is collapsing from within…if one of those voices catches universal fire, the apocalyptic writers may at last see their Anti-Christ547186_4169206477124_49122517_n (1)

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