If You Hated History, "Downton Abbey" Can Be Your Way To Re-Learn It In Just 12 Endearing Episodes

ATT: FORMER HISTORY STUDENTS >>> One reason history classes often made no sense is because no one ever explained the one single unrelenting plotline running through every victory & defeat…every war & peace….every political party & financial crisis…every great triumph that propelled us forward & every great tragedy that pulled us backward…it is the recurring Challenge of Change…be it the sudden challenge of Fire,
Caesar, Hitler…of the tank, the computer, the Genome…of a Black President, a Brown Caliph, a Red Putin….it’s how we respond that decides how we survive…watch the plot played out as English Aristocracy struggle to survive their own very personal Challenge of Change [Spoiler Alert: Some of the same challenge our own grandparents dealt with as they emerged as our “greatest generation:]

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