Hey,What If Gene Kelly Were Mayor Chicago,,,?

April in Chicago is the appointed time for elections and for showers. Sometimes, though, showers explode into storms. Black skies…rolling thunder… relentless downpours. The lyricism of the gentle Spring rain suddenly shifts keys into darker, more discordant notes. Shutters close. Windows lock. This is nature at its quirkiest, and most people understand it that way.
But not all!
Kids are infamous for splashing and splurging in the rain. Defying the skies. They can often be spied doing the craziest Gene Kelly things out there. Even more surprising are the occasional adults out there too. Poets or neurotics, they seem to be trudging easily through the downpour under the merest of umbrellas. What’s that all about?
Here’s a guess.
Some adults in our vintage years begin to get in April touch with what we’ve taken so much for granted. Sunshine… trees …grass … kids…dogs…lilac bushes…starlings…worms…oh and especially Spring rain storms. If you are ever caught out there, this is the counter-intuitive thought that might come to you. OK, maybe not all of you, but the more poetic and/or neurotic of you:
“Life is not about surviving the storm; it’s about dancing in the rain.”

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