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What's This! The NY Times Wants To Rape "The Sound Of Music"

And now the New York Times prints an op-ed that demands we “Rape The Sound Of Music”…well, they put it more delicately saying, “After 50 Years It’s Time For A Better Sound Of Music” [3/30/15]…when you read it you quickly see how they define “better”….unlike other classics from Shakespeare to Arthur Miller, they insist we... Read more »

Hey,What If Gene Kelly Were Mayor Chicago,,,?

WHAT IF GENE KELLY WERE MAYOR OF CHICAGO…? April in Chicago is the appointed time for elections and for showers. Sometimes, though, showers explode into storms. Black skies…rolling thunder… relentless downpours. The lyricism of the gentle Spring rain suddenly shifts keys into darker, more discordant notes. Shutters close. Windows lock. This is nature at its... Read more »

Sometimes Lunch Is More Than Just Lunch ~ Especially When You''re 16

Just another lunch room…? no, instead close your eyes and think of it as YOUR old lunch room…remember in school when this was much more than just a place to get a hamburger and fries…. it was a cosmic battle field which you and I entered each day in our private struggle to survive the... Read more »

So Many Faces Out There ~ Who Are They?

They’re all out there…looking back at you…in every restaurant, truck stop, movie house and commuter train…the faces of the future… sometimes I’m afraid to really look into them. Why? Because when I do, I see in them dangers beyond what I can bear, joys more than I would know how to handle. For you see,... Read more »

The Anti Christ? Wait A Minute I Think I See Him

Apocalyptic writers have warned for centuries of the so-called Anti Christ ….they are always seeing him just over the next horizon… just maybe the horizons are more ripe than ever…why? because the Old Orders appear to be collapsing, making way for a new Universal Idea…the West has witnessed this at other times of collapse [the... Read more »

An Existential Question Almost Too Late To Ask

There are many distinctly different clouds…those in the sky, those in artwork, and now that Cloud that describes the infinity of cyber information that hovers over our lives 24/7…from our own doodling, to those posts by corporate & federal networks, to those posts public figures now want to keep private…but as we have learned, there... Read more »

We Still Are Who We Were Before OHare Field

The recent re-elevation of O’Hare Field to the rank of “busiest in the nation” is a mixed blessing. The city of Chicago will applaud, whereas some of us living out here under its flight paths may not. Here’s what strikes me. We so often judge our bedroom communities in the O’Hare orbit mostly in terms... Read more »

Baseball [Maybe The World] Will Never Be The Same Ever Since Brad Pitt's "Moneyball"

Spring always means baseball. But lately baseball doesn’t always mean Spring. At least not the usual spontaneity of another springtime, as much as the unusual statisticality of the new Sabermetrics. Brad Pitt’s movie “Moneyball” was a study in how Sabermetrics helped turn around the fate of the Oakland A’s in 2002. Ever since, sports’ most... Read more »

Um...About Those Dreams You're About To Have Tonight

I don’t mean to infringe upon you privacy this evening, but I already know what & who you will be dreaming about….oh, maybe not by the exact names & addresses, but by the categories of nighttime realities that we usually visit…tonight you are likely to visit (1) dead relatives or old friends you miss (2)... Read more »

If You Hated History, "Downton Abbey" Can Be Your Way To Re-Learn It In Just 12 Endearing Episodes

ATT: FORMER HISTORY STUDENTS >>> One reason history classes often made no sense is because no one ever explained the one single unrelenting plotline running through every victory & defeat…every war & peace….every political party & financial crisis…every great triumph that propelled us forward & every great tragedy that pulled us backward…it is the recurring... Read more »