Can Harper Lee Really Go Home Again? Can We?

Anyone who’s tried, knows Thomas Wolfe was agonizingly right when he wrote: “You can never go home again”…but some of us keep trying…a few weeks ago I dared to drive past my childhood home…it still stood there in its stout, red-bricked pride… the young Elms which had umbrella-ed it from the Western sun were still there too, though more weathered than I had remembered…but of course what was not there was my childhood, my parents, my brother, my playmates, and the Lilac bushes I had planted during the war when my Father was serving in what we still want to call the :good war” …yesterdays in a tomorrow-minded culture are far too quirky and personal to share, yet they insist on having a life of their own…like beads on the necklace of time we wear…how we wear them says a lot

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