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CHICAGO Magazine The Newest Recruitment Poster In An Angry Middle East

Please don’t tell the editors of CHICAGO magazine, but they have become the latest recruitment tool in the back streets of Syria…here’s the unsettling back-story…while elegantly shining the lights on our city’s upscale docs, pols, players, clergy, and chefs, they have neatly squeezed into each edition at least a hundred new reasons why young poor... Read more »

Here's Betting Many Have Yet To Notice What's Been Happening To How We See Ourslves

It is said that art imitates life. Looking around Chicagoland, the evidence is there to see. But now take a second look, and notice how lately the artwork is imitating a specific kind of life. Check out the political cartoons…the alerts from city hall and school districts…the deluge of cop & CIA shows on television….the... Read more »

Here's A Fact ~ There Are As Many "Rosebuds" As There Are Those Of You Who Remember CITIZEN KANE

UPON MEETING ORSON WELLES FOR THE THIRD TIME >>> my first time was in his classic “Citizen Kane”…second, was when he was asked to narrate a documentary I had written…third, was at a wake where the widow of a dear boyhood friend explained how Jimmy had his very own “Rosebud” moment when he longingly recalled... Read more »

How OHare Field's New Status Reminds Those Of Us Under Its Flight Paths Who We Really Are

The recent re-elevation of O’Hare Field to the rank of “busiest in the world” is a mixed blessing. The city of Chicago will applaud, whereas some of us living under its busy flight paths may not. But here’s what strikes me. We so often judge a bedroom community like ours in the O’Hare orbit in... Read more »

Two Wrongs Search Of A Right, Right Here On Chicago Now

TWO WRONGS IN SEARCH OF A RIGHT ~ From the dawn of time, Humanity has been flawed bristling with pride, hate, and wars… gradually Religion appeared seeking ways to tame the beast in us in order to release the angels in us….but if both Humanity and then Religion have proved flawed, where do we turn…the... Read more »

Conspiracy Theories? I Can Spin One For You Right Here & Now

Short anatomy of a Conspiracy Theory for those who don’t believe in them >>>> take a few examples: Nixon, Gibson, Cosby, Williams…in each case an OLD story suddenly becomes a NEW gotcha…why take so long? …. maybe because those who knew the story were waiting for the right time to spring it…now the accused goes... Read more »

Brian From Best To Beast In A Beat. Really??

It is about to happen again….this time the Monday Morning Quarterbacks in all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world will sit in self-righteous judgment of a public figure’s admitted flaw [aka, lie]…people in a democracy have this right…but aside from all the legitimate moral, political, and network ethics, perhaps the... Read more »

Can Harper Lee Really Go Home Again? Can We?

Anyone who’s tried, knows Thomas Wolfe was agonizingly right when he wrote: “You can never go home again”…but some of us keep trying…a few weeks ago I dared to drive past my childhood home…it still stood there in its stout, red-bricked pride… the young Elms which had umbrella-ed it from the Western sun were still... Read more »