Neil deGrasse Tyson Rides Into Town To Teach Us Theists

“COSMOS” comes to Chicago ~ the affable scientist-turned-TV-narrator Neil deGrasse Tyson will address a sold-out Auditorium Theater this month…he is a good thing for Chicago, for television, and especially for science…in a nation where vast majorities still believe in fictions versus
facts, Tyson proudly presents what he calls Objective Truths…I hope to be in his audience to pursue this notion of Objectivity being the Alpha & Omega of life on this planet…consider for example the Objectivity of any landscape photograph…the camera captures what-is-there [AKA, objective
truth]…a painter would capture what-is-there but as seen through his/her
own eyes [AKA, subjective art]…now consider what you yourself
experience when you walk through that landscape, breathing its air and feeling its breezes…this third experience is, like everything that we value in our lives, is what neither camera nor artist can bring us…for it is neither
objective nor subjective, it is ineffably PERSONAL…like our passion for that piece of nature, for the mate we love, the children we bought forth, and the magnificent synchronicity of that cosmos Tyson brilliantly speaks of…I must ask him that night how can humanity dwell in a cosmos in which we walk with only cold, impersonal, objective truths thereby marginalizing most everything else as “unscientific?”

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