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In Search Of A Prickly New Metaphor For A New Year

It’s another new year…what will we do we with it….? or better put what will it do with us….? that’s always the question that pops up around this time… then is quickly forgotten in the maze of everyday living. But perhaps we can give this annual question a different look. Usually when the Gospels tell... Read more »

Watching The EU Tremble Under Terrorism, Maybe Old Blood & Guts Was Right All Along

WWII General George Patton hated “enemies” and predicted what seems to be happening….for all its good intentions, the EU has used logic to knit together the ancient countries of Europe…but somehow the national traditions and rivalries simply cannot totally yield to emotionless logic… so the irony of Europe today is their EU vision of a... Read more »

Neil deGrasse Tyson Rides Into Town To Teach Us Theists

“COSMOS” comes to Chicago ~ the affable scientist-turned-TV-narrator Neil deGrasse Tyson will address a sold-out Auditorium Theater this month…he is a good thing for Chicago, for television, and especially for science…in a nation where vast majorities still believe in fictions versus facts, Tyson proudly presents what he calls Objective Truths…I hope to be in his... Read more »

The Trib & The Pope Get It Right, Right When It's Needed

This is to thank Steve Chapman for his timely editorial on Thursday January 15. He reminds us that our relentless state of angst over terrorism, for all its existential dangers, remains a very small threat to our everyday lives here. But, wisely quoting the old public cynic H.L. Mencken, we have to admit Americans’ proclivity... Read more »

Do You Remember Hadrian's Wall? Terrorists Do

In England there stands a 1st C symbol of America in the 21st C…it’s the remnant of the famous Hadrian’s Wall the emperor built all across England to keep the marauding tribes from the north out… a 2000 year of example of today’s Maginot Line mindset…however. it seems when a society is on the hunt,... Read more »

As The Tick Grows Louder, Is Anyone Listening?

Work with me here…imagine our blue planet as a time bomb…which trigger is the most likely to blow it up…? yes, there is Terrorism, Climate Change, Population Growth, on and on…but perhaps the most likely to bring everything down in a shambles of violence is Poverty…in the US we refer to the disappearance of an... Read more »

Like The Ark Of The Covenant, The Manual Of Life Has Been Lost

I’m grateful to the Romans for naming this month for the God Janus. He was the deity whose two faces looked back and ahead. Exactly as any traveler on Planet Earth should do in these next few weeks. Where have we come from; where do we seem to be heading? From many generations of greeting... Read more »