This Banana And This Blackberry Walked Into A Bar

Bananas and Blackberries have at least one thing in common. That prized but elusive talent for timing.

Comedians talk about it when they say either you’ve got it or you don’t. Astronauts certainly need it in their shuttle flights and space walks where almost everything is a matter of exquisitely timed actions otherwise instant death. Generals from Xerxes to Rommel distinguished themselves by sensing just when was the right time to advance and to retrench.

Bananas and Blackberries are two handy everyday examples. It has been my experience that no one in all the world truly knows when the right time is to peel a banana; anymore than President Obama knew when his beloved Blackberry had ceased to be cutting edge.

Kicking this premise up a theological notch, we find ourselves in the midst of human existence. human happiness. human destiny. Although we reluctantly learn over the years that we cannot CHANGE things [even the masters of the universe on Wall Street and in Hollywood], still a few of us learn we can at least TIME things. In other words, take the realities in which we find ourselves, then carefully time their use so as to maximize their results.

The little word ‘when’ plays a very big part. When to buy, when to sell…when to take another card, when to hold what you have…when to propose, when to dispose…when to laugh…when to love…when to war.

Come to think of it, Ecclesiastes said it all 5000 years ago. Talk abut good timing…!

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