The Seven Deadliest Days In Your Life ~ Dec 26 to Jan 2

“Deadly” as in monstrously difficult to travel….as in bitterly cruel to endure….as in why-does-this-happen-to-me-every-year!

Truth be told, these seven days have been marked as deadly from that first day we lost our lease on Eden. Call it The Fall, Original Sin, or Karma, from that time on we were ordained to live with both a head and a heart. Each magnificent in their own right, but damn near incompatible to live together.

For example…

During the Christmasy days of the year end, the heart beats with nostalgic joy over all the magical childhood days we once lived, and can still live reflected in the happy lives of the little children in our lives.

Oh, but then the head takes over the morning we wake up into another misty new year. A looming 12 months replete with all the road signs alerting the traveler to undesignated twists and turns ahead.

So much easier to linger in the incense of fireplaces and pine trees….so much harder to face the sulphur of impending storm clouds and flooded dreams.

Still, there is no road back! Alas dear one, another Christmas has passed even before your eager heart could grasp it all. Now there is but one road left. Forward. Into another unknown and unknowable future. However, with luck the head will pluck its way through the twists and turns, in order to let the heart welcome the new year.

Well, maybe that could be said better. Not just another year, but another epilogue to another Christmas.

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