The Last Best Hope For Mankind ~ Circa 2014

BEHOLD ~ what just might be the last best hope for mankind….that’s right, the simple wooden cane….in a world of financial crises and everyday terror, humanity could certainly use some new hope to hang on to… several worthy candidates come to mind…like the UN and Pope Francis …but what I have in mind is totally nondenominational…totally available anywhere…and surely costs very little,,,the cane happens to be one of the last images that has universal appeal to our better nature…have you ever seen a car or a kid or even a gang shove around someone tapping with a cane?…I haven’t, and god knows I have seen my share of pushy selfishness out there…it seems to me that there is this last best intuition in 99% of the human race that defers to and even respects someone so limited in such a fast world..oh, and who won’t cost us money, simply a moment of deference and courtesy….so long as I keep witnessing this, I shall remain timidly hopeful for the human race

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