Hpw's Chances This Will Be The Last Christmas?

DING DONG THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD!….”witch” as in the traditional Judea-Christian religions of the Western World…why is that?….even during this religious season the stats suggest Atheism has risen from 5 to maybe 10% of the world population…too many failed leaders, failed programs, failed missions…granted, religion has traditionally helped civilize a primitive species, but now we have grown more enlightened, equipped with more technologies…many say now we don’t need fairy tales….BUT if history is witnessing a recession of religion, the Atheists of the world have been given more than a victory…now instead of simply being “against” they will soon have to come up with something concrete that they are “for”…in other words, what ethical world-view can you offer us to do what religion has tried so heroically for so long?

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