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Can You Really Find God In Your Morning Coffee?

So there I was, grinding my morning coffee beans. Their deep brown color, their aromatic fragrance, their tongue tingling taste. Why I wondered do I like coffee so much. Why indeed do billions of us. Every day, every hour, every country. I suppose it’s not an especially crucial question. And yet…. Could it be, as... Read more »

Hpw's Chances This Will Be The Last Christmas?

DING DONG THE WICKED WITCH IS DEAD!….”witch” as in the traditional Judea-Christian religions of the Western World…why is that?….even during this religious season the stats suggest Atheism has risen from 5 to maybe 10% of the world population…too many failed leaders, failed programs, failed missions…granted, religion has traditionally helped civilize a primitive species, but now... Read more »

The Seven Deadliest Days In Your Life ~ Dec 26 to Jan 2

“Deadly” as in monstrously difficult to travel….as in bitterly cruel to endure….as in why-does-this-happen-to-me-every-year! Truth be told, these seven days have been marked as deadly from that first day we lost our lease on Eden. Call it The Fall, Original Sin, or Karma, from that time on we were ordained to live with both a... Read more »

As You Shudder At The Next Grim Weathercast, Just Remember >>>>

Here’s question with a built-in answer ~ Why do forecasters always present approaching weather fronts in terms that make them seem menacing?…I mean, we all know that clouds and rain and even storms are part of the natural pattern of our planet….so why the frantic photos and exclamatory warnings on the newscasts?….the answer is one... Read more »

The Terrible Fraud To "It's A Wonderful Life"

In the classic IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, Donna Reed plays the ideal girl-next-door with whom Jimmy Stewart falls in love. Several years later she played the ideal stay-at-home-wearing-pearls-mother in the DONNA REED SHOW. But now here are the facts as laid bare and brutal by many of today’s Millennials >> Donna was a complete fraud,... Read more »

This Banana And This Blackberry Walked Into A Bar

Bananas and Blackberries have at least one thing in common. That prized but elusive talent for timing. Comedians talk about it when they say either you’ve got it or you don’t. Astronauts certainly need it in their shuttle flights and space walks where almost everything is a matter of exquisitely timed actions otherwise instant death.... Read more »

The Last Best Hope For Mankind ~ Circa 2014

BEHOLD ~ what just might be the last best hope for mankind….that’s right, the simple wooden cane….in a world of financial crises and everyday terror, humanity could certainly use some new hope to hang on to… several worthy candidates come to mind…like the UN and Pope Francis …but what I have in mind is totally... Read more »

What's More Important Than Putting Up That Tree? THIS!

This may be the ideal time for the biggest archaeological dig of your life….but rather than prowling the lands of ancient Egypt and Rome, there are the equally intriguing lands of your own familial history…most specifically your parents or grandparents…how much do you and I really know about ours?…usually we take them for granted, like... Read more »

Christmas Needs Kids As Much As Kids Need Christmas

There is an ineffable innocence to childhood…it requires no effort, for it just comes with the territory…however, when we put away our childhood for the next and greater journey of adulthood, there is often a small hole in the heart, a tiny yearning for what has been lost…some try to recapture it by surrounding themselves... Read more »

How To Become A Philosopher In Two Basic Steps

If you would be a philosopher in the mode of an Aristotle, there may be a shortcut….two simple yet actually complex “tests:” (1) study the way drivers react at a busy intersection without any lights…they start reasonably waiting for one another to cross, but then let something go wrong and it will trigger a fury... Read more »