The Music We Call America Just Changed Keys

Have you noticed it too…? America is marching to a different key…from the key of A to G…A as in Articulate and G as in Glib…earlier in our history Glib was mostly for snake oil salesmen, carnival barkers, and frontier town hustlers….Articulate was the preferred key for our most important like elected officials, teachers, journalists and authors….however, in our faster times it seems you don’t have to actually be thoughtfully articulate to grab the spotlight, just cleverly glib…compare for example articulate business leaders like an Andrew Carnegie to a glib Donald Trump…a literate newscaster like Edward R Murrow to today’s cheesy glib TV interviewers on FOX and MSNBC…nice to be glib in packaging your message, better to be articulate in knowing what you’re packaging…check them out for yourself, because once you get past the fast-paced bravado, what have they really said of any value??

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