Mirror Mirror On The Holiday Wall

The rich plump days of rain-bowed October have stubbornly disappeared into the thin barren days of wintry November…they happen every year whether we invite them or not….but Nature has its own signature compensations…soon the fire-placed holidays of December will make their entrance…with days we should celebrate, but more still, days we should examine…like the child examines the last flowers in her garden with both smiles and tears…the celebrated psychiatrist Erick Erickson crystallized the energy source of these powerful year-end days when he said we have been moving inevitably toward this annual climax point…now, be it at holiday tables with family and friends or at religious services that pray over another year, we have two fundamental choices… we can look back at what we’ve accomplished, and try to make sense of it… OR we can stare back with regret, and try to figure out why…our town will be busy with holidays, but each will be a tinseled mirror held up to our year and to our life as of now…which of Erickson’s two reflections will we see?…look carefully, it’s just coming into view….

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