Where Does The Time Go...?

The time doesn’t go anywhere. We do. For now, time is timeless; but you and I are not.

This is a reality so real and so relevant that you’d think we would never forget it. But we do. We are always making plans, forgetting the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks who
reminded themselves that, “Man plans and the Gods laugh.”

Examples explode throughout history from Julius Caesar to Abraham Lincoln to John F Kennedy to Joan Rivers. No one knows when or how. Predictably, though, the more powerful we become the sooner we forget.

The poet John Donne said it best when at a funeral he advised: “Ask not for whom the bells toll, for they toll for thee.”

Still, we do forget — or is it struggle not to remember? — that we have only so many breaths coming in this world. Today’s existential celebrity cult tries mightily to disprove this with more and more fame, fortune, and fury. For some it works, though only for a little while.

When others laugh at Christians for being “wrapped up in death,” the Christian’s comfort is that death is not a stranger. Properly understood, it is coming home.

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