Is TV's BLACKLIST Foretelling Our Scary Future? Damn Right It Is!

“Scientism” comes to the TV series THE BLACKLIST…the term refers to the current worldview in the West that Modern Science has replaced Medieval Religion as the way to understand our world and our lives in it…
while this view starts well, it quickly begins to perceive us simply as a collection of highly evolved body parts [eg. brain circuitry, hormones, genes, etc]…Medieval Religion instead focused on the whole-greater-
than the-sum-of-the-parts [ie. a transcendent soul]…in this episode Scientism is played out by mechanically manipulating the subjects’ body parts in order to make them hominids who will kill…fiction? maybe!…but it is one more step in henceforth defining us not as creatures-with-a-soul, but as the products of Evolution who can be programmed like we do any other soulless objects from race horses to the not-so-fictional killers in this week’s episode of BLACKLIST

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