Behold ~ The Great American Lunch

We are now in the democracy period of our country. That’s when every few years we collectively listen to the candidates and collectively decide who deserve our votes. However, frankly this is not when and how we most collect ourselves in the public act of good citizenship.

Personally, I look elsewhere. Beyond the speeches, the ads, and even the ballot boxes. One of the surest places for American citizenship in action is the Great American Lunch.

Think about it.

We usually breakfast at home on the run, then dinner at home with the family if possible; but it is the lunch where we diverse segments of the electorate meet, greet and eat together. Take a good look next time. Be it a fine restaurant, an eat-quick diner, a food cart on the street, or the company lunchroom, you are rubbing elbows and palettes not only with fellow workers, but probably with junior executives and foremen all the way to dockworkers and limo drivers. There isn’t much room or time for any white shirt/hard hat caste systems when everyone is trying to catch a fast lunch.

And so, my fellow citizens, ask not what your fellow lunch-mates are doing for you, but ask what are you and they are doing together. How are you and they together embracing the Constitutional idea that we are all — rich and poor, suits and jeans — in this democracy thing together. And one of our noblest actions we can take, is taking the time to elect the best possible officials.

Otherwise, any grousing over the next two to four years on your part will be a fraud….

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