Atheists and/or Existentialists ~ You Started This. Now What Are You Going To Do About It!

So much of our lives is about wondering…what will be, why, and when… those of us inclined to see life as rational rather than haphazard choose to believe there is a Plan…a Karma…a Reason for Everything…that there are no coincidents…personally I like that, because that means something or someone is in charge..and yet life is wracked with so many unpredictable, unwarranted twists that it’s hard to always believe that,,,,oh wait, maybe there IS something at work in the form of conspiracies…yes! to believe in conspiracy theories at least gives one a sense of order, if even negatively …the longer we live, the more we beg to know…what does it all mean? …please don’t tell me “nothing” as the atheists and existentialists tell me…I need to know that all this chaos from terrorism to epidemics has some explicable reason for being…right? right? is anyone listening?

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