When Will The Bulls In The Arena Turn On us....?

WILL THE BULLS TURN ON US….? modern Western Democracies have mastered so much of their physical world,they suffer the possibility of taking our mastery for granted…however, history teaches otherwise…so which of our good & great achievements may some day turn on us…? it is not being paranoid to suggest some are already performing in ways that are growing beyond our control ~ Great computers who are now ready to think for themselves…great environments which have been over-manipulated…. great populations which have been over-ignored..,,great economic inequality which has made the gaps between us almost too wide to bridge peacefully…great weaponry designed to make us safe, but which is now in other hands…and great ideas about human destiny which in some places have been kidnapped from us by more aggressive cultures … the very purpose of the bull ring is to show how in the bloody end, the matador [we] prevail…however, the number and size of bulls have grown exponentially ~~~~~

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