The More Cameras, The Less Certain. What???

There are now cameras everywhere…how can anyone from NFL players to Senators ever again assume they are not “on the record?”…but that is not the end of the tale, only the beginning…for you see, cameras are operated by people with agendas …from the local police to the national paparazzi to the CIA…so “reality” is not what the camera shoots, but what the camera shows…it’s benignly called “editing” which is something like referring to a tsunami as a “change in the weather”…to edit footage is to add, subtract, and re-sequence entire events in order to construct your very own reality [consider the hundred different times they re-play the JFK Dallas footage]

Here’s the point. “Reality” has now become whatever the last footage of the facts you’ve been shown says it is.

In a room with say 100 different viewers, that can mean up to 100 different impression of the very same facts. Your mission, Pope or President, is to now use the facts to reach a decision. Um, you see where this is going, don’t you? And why the old comfortable certainty of 2+2 = 4 has become more doubtful than ever.

To paraphrase: He who is without any doubts, let HIM cast the first vote!

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