Some Acts Of Kindness Are More Than Kindness

Everyone has a Huckleberry friend like Lee Flanagan in their childhood…you know, that certain someone who performs that certain “random act of kindness” that sorta helps change your life….Lee died many years ago, but when we were all on the school playground that afternoon, I just knew I would once again be the last either team would choose for their side [one of those pickup games of 16-ounce baseball so popular in Chicago back when]…but no! to everyone’s surprise, Lee picked me against all sensible odds…he never knew it, but that unimportant Spring day in 1945 was one of those episodes of peer-acceptance adolescent kids with no talent need more than even they may know…OK, I didn’t star that afternoon, but it did become one of the little moments of random kindness that can make a large difference…just when you need it most… here’s to all the Lee Flanagan’s in your life!

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