In A World Of 24/7 Hype, Here's The Real Deal

Maybe you’ve noticed it too. Everybody in the ads and commercials is smiling…!

Nothing wrong with smiling, but I find it disingenuous when all these toothy smiles have been intentionally staged only to convince us this car, or iPad, or pill is what you need and need now. We are being daily mesmerized into believing we absolutely, positively must have this newest big-thing. And quick before it’s too late.

Of course hustlers are nothing new. They have been pitching this con ever since the first snake oil salesmen hit the roads in their covered wagons. So today’s commercials and shopping coupons are all part of a long history of convincing us to buy, buy, buy.

The pitch is simple. Satisfaction is out there just a credit card swipe away. But is it? Are we really satisfied once we’re sitting in that zillion-horsepower sports car, fingering that complex new widget, or popping that latest pill? Chances are no. Like kids the month after Christmas, these gifts seem a lot less magical. Somehow they just haven’t delivered all we were expecting.

Well, you can finish this commentary for yourself…

We both know from disenchanting experience that satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness are rarely anything you can BUY. Most often it’s actually something you FIND. Where? Deep within you, moored somewhere close to your very being, hiding in that special hiding place where you have kept your finest hopes all these years.

Buying comes easy. Finding takes some effort. Finding just what is most important and enduring to us calls for introspection much more than impulse. Augustine put it well more than 1500 years before cars, iPads, or pills:

“Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in Thee.”

OK, Madison Avenue, what have you got that can top that??

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