Here's How To Psychoanalyze Those Neighbors You Don't Talk With

This is your chance to psychoanalyze your neighbors without ever having to meet them….!

I’m talking about the next three months of front lawn decorations. Freud and Jung would thrill to the opportunities about to fill the local neighborhoods. Pretty soon you and I can play therapist too, right from our own front room.

Here’s the deal.

Your neighbors are about to unwittingly reveal their psyches and souls through their choice of holiday fanfare. The decorations will come in three general categories:

* Traditional ~ This is when they put up the classic images, from Halloween goblins to Thanksgiving turkeys to Christmas trees. Even without a couch you pretty much know the folks in these house are older and more comfortable with the standard look to these holidays. It’s a good bet you can count on them in a flood

* Funny ~ This is when they add a few kooky touches say like Flying Monkeys for Halloween, pizzas instead of turkeys for Thanksgiving, and maybe some kids shooting their eyes out for Christmas. These neighbors have a sense of humor, but don’t count too much on them in that flood

* Extravagant ~ This is when they pull out all the stops. Instead of one pumpkin they will have a dozen, rather than one Pilgrim they might just have the whole family, and when it comes to Christmas lights you can predict them for hundreds. Figure these neighbors as iffy in any bad weather, because they have so much invested in their own place they won’t have much time for yours

I admit I’m just an amateur at this analysis thing. But I felt it my civic duty to share what I know about these matters. Oh, and especially about the neighbors who put up nothing. That would be me, only I am married to a wonderful traditionalist who has already picked out OUR front lawn displays….!

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