Have You Ever Taken Time To Smell Your Country...?

Ever notice how dogs love to catch the breezes from a car window…their sense of smell is hundreds of times more sensitive than ours, so we can only imagine what aromas fill their noses as the car speeds along…meanwhile you and I, nose-challenged humans, use only our eyes.

What if we could spend a day simply smelling our world?

So much out there we take for granted or simply ignore entirely…we’re missing an entire universe of sensory experiences that Rover is giddily drenched in…fresh mowed grass, blooming flowers, ripening crop fields, the smell of lake waters, the pungency of roadside forestry; not to mention the passing whiff of perfumes, outdoor fruit stands, and the sweat of highway workers.

Here’s the point.

There are so many layers of human experience we take for granted or simply ignore entirely…we’re busy getting through our day, and just haven’t the time…or the attention …that’s when we can miss what ambitious little men with large agendas sneak into what is properly called the “marketplace of ideas”…subtle but persistent media messages always advocating “what is best for America.”

Sometimes the messages have merit…but sometimes they smell to high heaven…better keep that car window wide open!

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