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In A World Of 24/7 Hype, Here's The Real Deal

Maybe you’ve noticed it too. Everybody in the ads and commercials is smiling…! Nothing wrong with smiling, but I find it disingenuous when all these toothy smiles have been intentionally staged only to convince us this car, or iPad, or pill is what you need and need now. We are being daily mesmerized into believing... Read more »

Here's How To Psychoanalyze Those Neighbors You Don't Talk With

This is your chance to psychoanalyze your neighbors without ever having to meet them….! I’m talking about the next three months of front lawn decorations. Freud and Jung would thrill to the opportunities about to fill the local neighborhoods. Pretty soon you and I can play therapist too, right from our own front room. Here’s... Read more »

Cue October ~ The Year's Most Magical Month

They tell us October has become our favorite month of the year. “They” refer to several recent surveys from assorted colleges, television weather-casters, and the folks on my block who are planning this humongous Octoberfest. Frankly, it strikes me we need no surveys to quantify the obvious. When it comes to weather, colors, and overall... Read more »

Whoops, My Venus Just Slipped Into My Mars Locker Room

By now you’ve learned the same irrevocable truth I have — when the pendulum of history swings far enough in one direction, it is bound to swing back just as hard in the opposite. To date, here’s the deal with that pendulum. Venus has been having a string of smashing victories with some of those... Read more »

The Five Most Powerful Words In Your World

This is story you should know. Incidentally, let the record show that all stories are true, and some even happened. An ancient emperor asked his wise men to provide him with the one great truth that could guide him through the rest of his life. He gave them a year. After they studied the world’s... Read more »

The More Cameras, The Less Certain. What???

There are now cameras everywhere…how can anyone from NFL players to Senators ever again assume they are not “on the record?”…but that is not the end of the tale, only the beginning…for you see, cameras are operated by people with agendas …from the local police to the national paparazzi to the CIA…so “reality” is not... Read more »

Do You Realize Who Is Really In Charge Of Your World...?

Jack Spatafora about an hour ago The great secret to DaVinci’s masterpiece is no longer so secret…while experts have dissected the use of the wall, the paints, the seating, and even Dan Brown’s tale of dark hidden meanings, the “secret” here is obviously this: Whoever best portrays the subject owns the subject!…put it this way... Read more »

The Professional Critic ~ God's New Angel Of Death

As a teacher I have always resented the old slam: “those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” Why? Because it’s cheap shot. It arrogantly presumes the nattering critics in the stands [or in the local PTA] know how to play the game better. But here’s what’s been happening lately. The critics in America have... Read more »

There Goes Another Lovely American Ideal Shot To Hell

Whoops, another lovely, lacy piece of Americana has just been shredded: The idealized family dinner. Forget your own lacy memories, because North Carolina State University has just researched this ideal; and you know what “research” means, don’t you? It means some serious folks with computers got together to test something. In this case, the University... Read more »

Dan Brown's Lost 2000 Year Old Vatican Scroll Coming To A Bookstore Near You

It has been leaked in the New York press that best-selling author Dan Brown will release his latest blockbuster Vatican novel on Christmas Day. The title is to be “The Last Scroll” based on the remaining 12 pages from a long lost Gnostic text. Tens of millions of Brown readers anticipate the publication with the... Read more »