Oh Oh, Now What Happens To "WE" In An Obsessive Age of "ME"

For most of the time our species has walked the earth, the sight of our own image was a startling one….seeing it in a pool of water or later in a mirror, many of us actually feared it…now, a few hundred million years later, we no longer fear it, we love it…what’s more we want others to love it too…and just to be sure they do, we stride the planet equipped with at the ready phone-and-video cameras so we can capture every precious moment of us and our family…it’s become the Age Of Me…not just for celebrities, but for us too…the stars may have their paparazzi, but doggone it now we can put our face and kids and trips and pets out there in cyberspace too!

Here’s where your therapist asks: “So how does this make you feel…?”

Chances are most of us will be too busy loading up for the next exciting episode of the recurring Photo-Adventures-Of-Me. The problem with this picture is that the world has always made far more progress in an Age Of We.

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