But What If....?

What if it were true that perception is reality? How might an ET perceive us earthlings from afar? And once it did, would it really bother to come down here?

Two possible images an ET might perceive. One, something like that opening starlite shot from IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE where the heavens look down on all these little voices anxiously asking God for favors. A second image, a planet crawling with little chattering ant-like dots, incessantly bumping and colliding as they try to survive here.

Either image might send the ET off for better pickings!

If however our imaginary ET were to drop in, it would learn both images were valid. We little creatures on this little blue planet are forever involved in our own little selves. From dawn to dusk, from Chicago to Hong Kong, from Wall Street to the deserts of the Middle East, not one of us ever ultimately finds anything more important to us than us.

It’s just the way we’ve been created [or evolved] from the cosmic beginning. So yes, we may pride ourselves in being “only slightly below the angels,” but seen by our ET from a long shot it wouldn’t be all that wrong to figure our species is really “only slightly above the brutes.”

Were our ET to check our history books, it could easily conclude we’ve made so little progress over the centuries because, well, because the very idea of sharing and cooperating and giving something up for a cause higher than our own personal causes has never really taken hold. Not in our families, cities, countries, even our religions. We’re pretty much 7 billion self-centered, ornery critters who, as they say, “only a parent could love.”

Aha, but wait…! What if there were such a parent…?

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