A Possibly Important But Unconfirmed Summer Story

First, let me say I cannot vouch for this story….but it certainly appeals to my need-to-know what life here in the apocalyptic summer of 2014 is all about…a waiter friend tells me three people recently had lunch in this little Chicago garden…one an Anthropologist, the second an Astronaut, the third an Angel…over a ruby red Pinot Noir they each shared their recent travels across a teeming planet of discontent…the Anthropologist concluded: “Our species and its libidinous flaws hasn’t changed much in the last 500,000 years!”…the Astronaut observed: “From where I looked, 7 billion maggots scrambling greedily for whatever they might find in the computer banks of Wall Street, to the oil fields of Iraq, to the turrets of Muslim’s ancient empires; furious greed everywhere!”…:the Angel
simply said this: “I told the Master he should have vetted those two before He sent them out of the Garden. Frankly now I think it’s all too late!”

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