How's Your World Look The Day After Fathers Day

Now that Fathers Day is over I have this off-beat theory. Not really counter-intuitive, but counter-culture. The way I see it, all those dear tributes to our dear fathers, living or dead, are a tribute to that slightly unfashionable phenomenon in our lives once known as “order.”

Of course that was then and this is now.

Now, in today’s youth and media driven age, every new tool becomes a new way to be in 24/7, around-the world communication with whatever’s happening. For example, it’s no longer fashionable to get dressed up for a night out when you can bring whatever night out there right into the palm of your hands. It’s no longer fashionable to sit down at regular family dinners, network television programs, or even college classrooms when your latest App can get you there and back in nanoseconds.

The new order of the day is, well, a kind of joyous disorder.

Punch-clock schedules for the day, jobs for life, marriage till we die, and contracts to be honored are among those slightly unfashionable habits of yesteryears to be remembered in a sentimental Fathers Day card more than in actual everyday life. You see, in everyday life many of those habits feel like anchors to our sails! Limits to our maps! Stubborn signposts along a highway of life that no longer has speed limits!

And yet.

On days like Fathers Day everyone seem to pause…to remember…to re-feel what it’s like to have some order in your life again. You know, something corny like a stable, all-in-one-place family…a stable father who earns a living for its members…a stable mother whose work provides what mothers alone can provide…oh, and once a year celebrations that bring everyone all together.

Say like Fathers Day!

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