How High Is High While You're Still A Lowly Human...?

Have you heard about the new Goliath high-ride at Six Flags…? Not to get too theological on you, but doesn’t that kinda remind you of another high ride at another time in history…? It was called the Tower of Babel, and back then folks were also trying to reach higher and higher.

Instead, maybe our most powerful instinct should be to reach deeper and deeper. Let me explain.

In these days of 24/7 electronic stimuli — TV, Internet, Cable, Iphones — we’re pretty much drowning in stimuli. I mean lets face it, our sensorium are bombarded with emails, texts, commercials, and entertainment in great gobs virtually impossible to visually or cognitively digest. So we scan. We pick and choose. And yet no matter how selective we may try to be, our brain circuity overloads each and every day with a lot of stuff we neither want nor need.

Studies show that in this way each of us cumulatively acquires certain conclusions. These conclusions are not always conscious ones, and they are not always quantifiable ones. Rather, they are a state of mind which we tend to share with our fellow media-targets.

Psychologists and sociologists have identified many of these. States-of-mind that you may or may not believe are a part of you. But thinking of that Goliath ride makes some of us think of that Tower. Why…? I’m guessing because it represents a state-of-mind in which humanity has always relentlessly yearned to be, well, sorta god-like. Call it pride or passion, hope or hubris, it seems to lurk in our lives whenever we seek higher goals, higher successes, and quite frankly higher highs

Of course, maybe if we really yearn to be god-like, there’s already a God to like…

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