Happiness?? Some Insist It's All In Your Head

…well at least so say your hospital MRIs…they keep showing how the hormone Dopamine is apparently the magic elixir….the more Dopamine running through our brain circuitry, the happier we are….now flip this over and you get this: The more Dopamine we can put into our circuitry, the more happy we can become…and because everyone wants to be happy, now the question becomes: Is this feeling really happiness….in another time and place and book, Aldous Huxley called it “soma”

Funny, but some of us still prefer our happiness the old un-programmed way…we yearn for it to happen spontaneously, say when we encounter something of extraordinary beauty or love…not synthetically when we take or get a pill…a blazing dawn, a smiling face in the crowd, a letter in the mail, a gift of life or love when we least expect it


Or if you’re like me, sometimes you learn to sit somewhere quietly, breathe in deeply, and conjure up one of those incandescent moments in your life which you would do anything to re-live…. as you do, as you consciously re-capture the pulsing power of that moment in time, quite suddenly you can feel remarkably, dazzlingly happy….takes some practice, but it’s a high without the crash!

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