Donna Reed Exposed As A Fraud!

In the classic IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, Donna Reed plays the ideal girl-next-door with whom Jimmy Stewart falls in love. Several years later she played the ideal stay-at-home-wearing-pearls-mother in the DONNA REED SHOW.

But now here are the facts as laid bare and brutal by many of today’s Millennials >> Donna was a complete fraud, because after all no one is that perfect!!

And so we have had the battle lines drawn ever since between sentimentalists like me and realists like, well, maybe like you. I remember those roles not as gushy and insipid, but rather as sweet and admirable. Or as WONDERFUL LIFE director Frank Capra proudly called these and other of his cinematic classics: “Capra-corn!”

I leave it to you.

If parents and families like those represented in such old classics are “unrealistic and corny,” isn’t every goal in life a little “unrealistic and corny?” That, my friend, is what makes them goals…!

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