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Correction! Beauty IS The Beast

21 minutes ago . Beauty IS the beast!….let me explain… Evolution may have a flaw in it after all, for in recent anthropological history, “beauty genes” have steadily dominated “average genes”…the beautiful people [especially the female of the species] are rapidly replacing the average people in most public roles… from movies to politics, from anchor... Read more »

If You Were At O'Hare Airport This Morning >>>

Here’s what happened this morning at O’Hare Airport…a friend landed from France, and while waiting for his ride he scanned the following in an effort to learn what America was like: A thoughtful NTY column by David Brooks examining the loss of the American Dream…local Chicago headlines about the gang neighborhoods he was warned to... Read more »

From Rockwell To Orwell In One Lousy Leap For Mankind

It would be hard to top Oscar Wilde’s wit: “America is the only country we know that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between”….but here’s an impetuous effort: “We Americans are the only society I know that went from Rockewell [joyfully as in Norman] to Orwell [grimly as in George] without enjoying what... Read more »

Finally A Solstice Confession I Can Make Public

Here deep into another dazzling Midwestern summer, I have a confession to make. One many of my more macho Chicago-land peers agree with, but more privately. You see, I absolutely love summers; BUT mostly looking at them from comfortably inside air-conditioned homes and cars…! Let me clarify. As a kid — in my case back... Read more »

Sending Both The Teachers & Taxypayers To The Principal's Office

As I read the news here I can always find someone shouting about their local schools. Teachers in communities like ours and nearby suburban districts shout about how good they are. Taxpayers in these same communities shout back about how costly they are. The teachers elect unions to shout for them, while the taxpayers elect... Read more »

How's Your World Look The Day After Fathers Day

Now that Fathers Day is over I have this off-beat theory. Not really counter-intuitive, but counter-culture. The way I see it, all those dear tributes to our dear fathers, living or dead, are a tribute to that slightly unfashionable phenomenon in our lives once known as “order.” Of course that was then and this is... Read more »

How To Make Sense Of It All

If it’s hard to understand your world today, a simple way is to think of it in terms of these three G’s: Gods, Goods and Goliaths…for thousands of years we worshipped gods [religion]…for the last hundreds of year we have worshipped goods [capitalism]….during these years several Western nations became Goliaths…now they are spending their time,... Read more »

Donna Reed Exposed As A Fraud!

In the classic IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, Donna Reed plays the ideal girl-next-door with whom Jimmy Stewart falls in love. Several years later she played the ideal stay-at-home-wearing-pearls-mother in the DONNA REED SHOW. But now here are the facts as laid bare and brutal by many of today’s Millennials >> Donna was a complete fraud,... Read more »

Happiness?? Some Insist It's All In Your Head

…well at least so say your hospital MRIs…they keep showing how the hormone Dopamine is apparently the magic elixir….the more Dopamine running through our brain circuitry, the happier we are….now flip this over and you get this: The more Dopamine we can put into our circuitry, the more happy we can become…and because everyone wants... Read more »

Who Am I? Who Are You? First, We Have To Count Our Cells & Circuits

This week there has been another spate of crackling new articles in the national media about a relatively crackling new theme: Our everyday lives as part of the grand biology of our planet. Consider: “We’re All X-Men As Far As Genetics Goes,” “Testosterone & Self-Employment,” “More Progress With Anti-Aging Frontiers,” all in current scientific journals;... Read more »