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Imagine A June Without Grads & Dads

June is traditionally the month for graduates and for fathers. What do they have in common? At first glance, not much. But take a second look. Each is under a similar kind of scrutiny these days. Today’s graduates are expected to produce great new things in this age of great new technologies which are presenting... Read more »

Ding Dong The Wicked Winter Witch Is Dead

At long bitter last, the snows have melted…the ice is gone…and the raw-bone temperatures have fled north along with their cruel Vortexes. Our town is once again green. And lush. And best of all, fragrant with each new bush-bursting and lawn-cutting. So we have good reason to come out of our houses. But here’s the... Read more »

OK, Mom, Is Your Home Your Prison Or Your Castle?

I’m sticking my masochistic neck out here, but let me do it anyway. I am waiting for the next inevitable, historically-confirmed shift or flip or whatever the appropriate verb is these days. I’m talking about how every few generations some things change so much they go all the way back to the way they were... Read more »

So Where Do You Take An Atheist After The Sistine Chapel

Not trying to start a fight here, but this probably will. You see, this is the tour guide’s dilemma. After someone who doesn’t accept the idea of a God properly oo’s and ahh’s in this sacred place, there really isn’t much to show them next. I mean, people throughout history — from pagans to Jews... Read more »

From Damn-Sure Atheist Now To Not-So-Sure Agnostic

An atheist friend of mine went to the Mayo Brothers Clinic last month. He was so impressed with their approach to health and medicine, he came away not only feeling better, but feeling less atheistic. Here’s how he explained it to me in his email “At Mayo and other great medical centers they take into... Read more »

And Then There's That Hole-In-Our-Soul

We’re born with an empty place in our souls. When we’re very young, the emptiness is very large, because in our innocence we want the whole world. As we age the place usually gets smaller. More specific. We focus on such passions as career, family, success, and near the end health. Whatever our age and... Read more »

Getting Older...? Who Me...?

The only sure sign of life in the cosmos is change. And change, my friend, means aging. No matter your gender, your race, your nationality, your party, you and I are inexorably aging with each inexorable tick of the clock. When you think about it, that’s a good thing. Because the alternative to getting older... Read more »