From Damn-Sure Atheist Now To Not-So-Sure Agnostic

An atheist friend of mine went to the Mayo Brothers Clinic last month. He was so impressed with their approach to health and medicine, he came away not only feeling better, but feeling less atheistic.

Here’s how he explained it to me in his email

“At Mayo and other great medical centers they take into account so may many different variables — from genetics to blood chemistry’s to current prescriptions to diets — in order to connect and integrate them into this remarkably fine-tuned protocol for addressing your health. In other words nothing is considered as random, nothing is seen as coincidental, everything has a purpose; and their team approach is intended to take all these scores of variables into the strictest and most creative account. Nothing hit and miss here…!”

He went on to say this got him thinking about our particular cosmos and all of its inhabitants. Not only the scores but the millions of variables — from exact position in the Bang, in the speed of explosion, in the temperature of planet, in the amounts of water and carbon available — which came together in exactly the right way in the right place right down to the right fraction of time and space.

It was the old Intelligent Design argument he had often scoffed, but now decided was what was at intelligent work at places like Mayo. Savoring his renewed health, he decided to renew his initial doubts about how could all this be without some kind of “design” somehow more precise than the intelligent-less waves of evolution.

Leo is now what I’d call an agnostic. From atheist to agnostic and now to….who knows? Right now Charles Darwin may know, but he isn’t talking

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