Ding Dong The Wicked Winter Witch Is Dead

At long bitter last, the snows have melted…the ice is gone…and the raw-bone temperatures have fled north along with their cruel Vortexes. Our town is once again green. And lush. And best of all, fragrant with each new bush-bursting and lawn-cutting. So we have good reason to come out of our houses.

But here’s the funny thing. When we do, our community hasn’t changed. WE have! It all has to do with that notion that perception-is-reality. That what we see is all really what’s behind the eyes.

If true, and I know it is for me, it helps explain why we often pause out there to actually look at or town. To smell it, feel it, maybe even love it. And, what’s more, to look at our neighbors with a bit more attention, appreciation, and civic pride.

I don’t know about you, but every spring & summer I catch myself greeting folks walking by the house, and asking how they are; what kind of pup that is; and aren’t they glad we can all share a season of verdant renewal in a community of such beauty if not always security.

My talking to people, usually strangers here on the block and in the supermarkets, is a good thing for me. Admittedly, though, it may sometime be an intrusive thing for others. Especially when I find myself striking up a conversation with young women or local high school students. These days, first reactions are frequently guarded. Is this old guy hitting on me?

But I write here in our local community voice to assert this is the time to not only get out of your house, but out of yourself. Ding Dong, the winter witch is dead. Now is as good a time as any to travel the Yellow Brick Roads of citywith a smile and a hello. It doesn’t cost you anything. But the return on investment can be fabulous…

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