Think About This Your Next Aquarium

It’s an exciting age in which to live. To learn. Especially to discover. There are endless secrets in the cosmos to be discovered, as we realize with each new scientific report or television documentary. Considering we had no idea about antibiotics, DNA, genetics, radio waves, television signals, Internet communication and smartphones just a century ago, we’ve come a long way.

I was thinking about that as I sat in the hospital bobby, staring with fascination at the large aquarium in the room. A maze of exotic fish swimming, circling, and I hope enjoying themselves in what must have been a very pricey investment. I was also thinking about how inside those clinic doors the staff knows so much about me, and like fish, about what makes me what I am.

And yet, it struck me that while neurobiologists continue to dazzle us with their discoveries about our species, they never seem to ask the Where & How questions. Where & How — like these fish inside this aquarium — do we come from. I believe the answers to the question are considered a “given.” Implying we can take this part of the story for granted. I mean, fish, aquariums and we exist, so that’s that. What more is there for the scientist to investigate?

As laymen we usually accept this. Fish and people watchers are mostly interested in the Who & What, not so much the Where & How. Still, as I entered the doors to the clinic inside, I was satisfied to think the rest of us out here have often wrestled with the Where & How. In our thoughts…in our houses of worship…in our curiosity at the silent stars ever over us in the night skies.

Now maybe it doesn’t matter medically that my doctors also ask my same Where & How questions. But it does in such non-medical ways as how they see me as something more than my prostate, lung and larynx. I am not a “given.” Like those fish and that acquarium, I came from somewhere and/or someone that matters….

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