So Who Really Owns Reality....?

Jack Spatafora

about an hour ago


Nixon is hardly the first leader to be psychoanalyzed in the movies, on the stage, and in literature…the art-imitates-life gig began thousands of years ago in ancient Greece and Rome…later in the deft hands of writers like Shakespeare and Voltaire right up to today’s Jon Stewart and SNL… the result is that today, with 24/7 entertainment, most people seem to get most of their “news” through internediaries each with their own version of the news…we are left to wonder: What is real and what is only what others want us to believe is real?


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Barrie Ward If I may wax poetic a moment “All that is real is found in the face of my beloved” … and in an non-poetic aside we do remember the cliché that “truth is the first casualty” – In War – and in many other settings …

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