Another Glorious May Of Flowers

There are so many cliches in our lives. Take the one about April showers bring May flowers.

As true as it is, there’s still something missing. What to do with these flowers? In addition to just seeing, smelling and savoring their beauty, two May holidays come quickly to mind: Mothers Day and Memorial Day. One is mostly about the honored living, the other the honored dead. But now here’s the question: Do we continue to bring the same kind of tribute to two such different kinds of day without asking ourselves more about their differences? I hope not.

We can do so, of course, but perhaps that’s simply too simple. Shouldn’t we pause long enough to ask ourselves exactly why? Why we honor two such distinct days in such a similar way?

After a lifetime of May flower-bearing, I have reached the opinion which I think I see in the eyes of other flower-bearers during this joyful month. Spring flowers represent the annual renewal of our little blue planet; therefore they likewise represent the annual renewal of our love and respect for our mothers and our honored dead.

I think this every time I step into the exotica of a local floral shop where its heady fragrances happily collide with one another. Being so engulfed by so many flowers fills me with a rhapsody of feelings that demand expression. And so for years I have borne yet another bouquet of love to my Mother on Mother’s Day, and to my deceased GI Father on Memorial Day.

As of this year, both are gone. But both will continue to receive my best flowers until I too am gone. At which point our children and their children may, like yours, see fit to do the same. Can anyone out there think of a better reason to gather up May flowers than this….?

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