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So Who Really Owns Reality....?

Jack Spatafora about an hour ago . Nixon is hardly the first leader to be psychoanalyzed in the movies, on the stage, and in literature…the art-imitates-life gig began thousands of years ago in ancient Greece and Rome…later in the deft hands of writers like Shakespeare and Voltaire right up to today’s Jon Stewart and SNL…... Read more »

Doubts...? Of Course You Have Doubts!

It’s called by many names — “The dark night of the soul,” “A crisis of faith,” “The terror.” Each a cluster of words trying desperately to express the horror of it all. More specifically, the horror that sometimes catches up with us in life, whispering into our hearts that everything we once believed is no... Read more »

Another Glorious May Of Flowers

There are so many cliches in our lives. Take the one about April showers bring May flowers. As true as it is, there’s still something missing. What to do with these flowers? In addition to just seeing, smelling and savoring their beauty, two May holidays come quickly to mind: Mothers Day and Memorial Day. One... Read more »

What Happens When "The Good Guys" Turn Out To Be The "Bad Guys?"

Any psychiatrist [or anyone under 30] might say my poor grades in science classes have made me inappropriately skeptical about all the accolades modern neurobiologista receive these days. Especially for their impressive work mapping our brains. If you track lay publications like the New York Times, there is at least one or two articles a... Read more »

Think About This Your Next Aquarium

It’s an exciting age in which to live. To learn. Especially to discover. There are endless secrets in the cosmos to be discovered, as we realize with each new scientific report or television documentary. Considering we had no idea about antibiotics, DNA, genetics, radio waves, television signals, Internet communication and smartphones just a century ago,... Read more »