"Ignore That Man Behind The Curtain...!"

In the ‘Wizard Of Oz’ that man was Frank Morgan, known locally as the Great Wizard. Turns out Dorothy and her friends eventually learn there is nothing else behind that curtain. Kinda what Carl Sagan said and what Neil deGrasse Tyson is repeating in the fascinating “COSMOS” series on television.

They do a dazzling job of explaining the mysteries on THIS side of the curtain [AKA, astrophysics] but nary a word about what’s on the other side [AKA, that point when there was no time, no space, no “bang”].

No arguing that mankind now knows so much more than we did centuries ago. However…! Neither Sagan, nor Tyson, nor Frank Morgan can tell us what came before that celebrated Big Bang.

Oh, there are theories, but they mostly come down to just that — theories constructed from out of hypothetical mathematical constructs and cosmic gases that just happened to be hanging around. But not even the best scientists pretend they have any definitive answers for us.

So here’s the deal, my fellow parishioners who live with Faith and Doubt side by side. Our challenge seems to be either selecting the best best-answer OR the least least-answer there is. Let me explain. From Pope Francis right down to Mary Seat of Wisdom, I think I hear the (1) best best-answer is that all this came from a loving god, and/or (2) the least least-answer is that it’s sure a heckofa lot better to conclude we exist from out of some cosmic love versus simply some cosmic accident.

Either way, I’d love to tell Professor Tyson what my old Air Force Chaplin once instructed me. “When the astrophysicists finally reach the right answer, they’ll find a theologian got there just before them…”

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