Doubts...? Of Course You Have Doubts...!

It’s called by many names — “The dark night of the soul,” “A crisis of faith,” “The terror.” Each a cluster of words trying desperately to express the horror of it all. More specifically, the horror that sometimes catches up with us in life, whispering into our hearts that everything we once believed is no longer the safety net we once counted on.

What might trigger such a chaos of the mind…? So many things. The sudden death of a child [we are told a parent who lives to bury their child has lived too long]. Or the slow brutal death of a mate [we are told this loss is the highest on the human scale of suffering]. Or the total silence that comes back from our deepest prayer [we are told God answers every prayer, but sometimes the answer is “no”]

Every man, woman and child throughout the eons of time has met this moment. Now what to do?

Yes, what do we do when the prayers and vigils and clergy cannot undo this tragic moment? Cannot take away this bitter cup from our lips? Put simply, what do we do when the last threads of our over-stretched faith have snapped, and we are left to doubt? Doubt everything we once embraced?

As the lyric puts it: The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind. Ever since Jesus lifted the sinking Peter up from the waters in which his lack of faith were consuming him, the answer has been so very basic we often miss it……

Faith and doubt not only CAN but DO co-exist. Actually, it takes doubt to have faith, for what is faith but the conviction that what you doubt can still be true. After all the freezing doubts of our Winter, watch how your faith in our Spring is now being realized.

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